Do You Depend Your Network Marketing Success On Someone Else

A network marketer's job is to attract the right type of people to their business, then help those people to do the same. It is impossible to succeed in any type of venture if you let the actions of others run your business. The result of trying to run a business this way will not only be failure, but you will end up feeling a sense of anxiety and stress related to something that is completely out of your control. Take this scenario for example: "Not much has happened in my business in the last month. I have four people in my down line who are telling me, that if I don't start getting some results soon, for them to follow, they will quit the business. Please help me get something happening fast before they leave".

This scenario is a classic example of a marketer who is running their business based on the actions of others. This request for help is done out of fear. If this were a real case then it may well be that the marketer has brought the wrong people into the business. If your down line wants you to do everything for them before they will stand up and take action, then you are wasting your time with them. They have jumped in and grabbed the opportunity with both hands, and are now sitting back waiting for you to do all of their work for them, and make them rich. Network marketing doesn't work that way; there is no such thing as a free lunch.

As the up line, and more experienced member it is your responsibility to explain to your down line that they are running a business. You are just there to help them to succeed and realize the goals that they were looking to achieve when they bought into the opportunity. It is not your job to go out and do all of their work for them. Never be too scared to tell your down line that there is awesome power in network marketing, but they have to 'do something' about it for themselves, not put pressure on you to do it for them. If they can't come to terms with that, and they leave? So what? They were obviously not the right people for you to be in business with. It has probably done your business a favor by them leaving, if that is their attitude.

Network marketers must filter through the people who join in the hopes that you will give them a free ride all the way to the bank, and those who really want to do something for themselves to achieve their goals. People who put pressure on others to do their work for them before they will even try fear success, and don't believe that they are worthy of it. If they were really serious about being successful there would be nothing that would stop them from succeeding. Now you know that others have no right putting misplaced pressure on you in order to advance their business pursuits, carry on with your business regardless; strive for your goals with all the passion and desire that you have, without fear.

If you truly believe that your business will grow, and you do everything that you can to help it along, it will only be a matter of time before it starts producing the means to bring your dreams to life.

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