How to Think and Act Like the Rich

Virtually everyone dreams of being rich some day. The thought of being able to drive the kind of car you desire, wear the clothes you like, and never have to worry about money being an object can look pretty good to us. If you look around in bookstores, you'll see titles like "Think Your Way to Riches." Is this possible? Just how do rich people do it? What makes them tick? Can anyone learn to think and act like rich people, and become rich doing it? One thing rich people learn to do is to love work.

And as they enjoy their work, they learn to discipline themselves to work when they are working. It may look to the rest of us like the rich don't work much. The fact is, they have been working, and they still do. They just know how to work efficiently, and they like it, so it looks like they are having fun. Then, when the work is done for the day, rich people - at least happy rich people - know how to lay it down and focus on the less tangible things that make life worth living.

This means people and our relationships with them. What good will that beautiful car do you if you never get to ride around with that person you pledged your love to? To act rich, learn to lay the work aside and enjoy your free time. You may be thinking, if I do that, I'll forgot where I was! The secret, rich people will tell you, is to have your work and business affairs - and your social life - organized. Don't expect yourself to remember anything. Get it down on paper. Get a great calendar and planner system going for you.

A valuable addition to any household is a large calendar with large squares for writing. Hang it in a prominent place where everyone in the family can see it. Have everyone's events logged here. Then get into the habit of checking that calendar every night before you go to bed and every morning first thing. If you do this, you can keep up with your business matters without missing that special ball game or your child's graduation! Finally, don't let guilt keep you from being rich.

If you're the type of person who has a deep social conscience, it's possible for you to feel guilty when you do well financially. You see all the people who hurt financially and don't feel like you deserve to do better. If this is you, then by all means use some of your surplus money to help the poor. Work to provide them with better opportunities. The Good Book doesn't say that money is the root of all evil, but that loving it is.

Respect money and what it can do, but don't sell your soul to it. It doesn't buy happiness, but in it's place it can help many people get by better, and can provide your family with everything they need to thrive and enjoy life.

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