Network Marketing Strategy How To Steal a Downline

Watch out for your viperous MLM upline! They can get you good. You need to make it a point to know who your upline is. I just spoke with a lady last night on a 3-way phone call. She was the first woman in this network marketing company who built so quickly that she went to the top of the payplan in 4 months.

Her upline was envious and jealous. And part of her network marketing strategy was NOT to read the company Policies & Procedures. Bad, bad combination. ***Before You Ever Join Any Company, Read Your P & Ps *** Before this lady built the program, she did tell the company that her fiance was promoting another MLM company. But guess what? Her company's Policies & Procedures state that you cannot make any money from another network marketing company - not even an affiliate program! If you violate this provision, you can be terminated. ***And these restrictions apply to everyone living in YOUR household!*** Now to me, that sounds like you're an employee.

If you're an MLM independent contractor, how can they put those kinds of restrictions on you? Anyway, this lady build to the top of the payplan. She was rocking and rolling. Everything was great. She was about to receive a $7,000 bonus check for reaching the top of the payplan .

first woman to ever do it . . and all of a sudden her website is turned off. Everything is shut down.

The company didn't even send her a letter. ***Bad News From the Viperous Upline!*** Her upline called and told her she was terminated because her fiance was in another program. She had already told the company they weren't married and that he was in another program. So it had nothing to do with her or her network marketing strategy, but because they lived in the same household, the company used that lever to get her out of the line of compensation.

The company views 2 people living in the same household as if the two people are the same. And they can do that because it's in the Policies & Procedures. Isn't that amazing? What are the chances the company would ever find out about this if not for the viperous upline? Because this lady just got terminated, her sponsor inherits her entire organization. It all rolls up. ***The Upline Couldn't Build It Themselves - And Now They Don't Have To!*** I know a number of network marketers who have lost everything, because they never read their Policies & Procedures. Go to your company website right now, and read your P & Ps.

You may be astonished at what you find. ***FACT:*** When you joined your company, you checked a box stating that you agreed to abide by each of those P & Ps. But I'll bet you never actually read them! Which reminds me of a trap that a lot of network marketing reps fall into. They think, "Well, everybody I know is violating this rule. The company must not care.

" Believe me, you can violate any rule you want, so long as you're not making any money. But once you start to build a significant income, THAT is when it's worthwhile for your viperous upline - or your company itself - to terminate you for violation of your Policies & Procedures. What's in there that YOU don't know about? Go find them and read them. Now!.

Michael Dlouhy is the network marketing expert on Policies & Procedures for ANY company. If you have any question about your company's P&P's, visit .

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