Wealth and Passion

Roger Hamilton, a leading wealth expert and consultant in Asia, is the author of the international bestseller, "Wink and Grow Rich", and he is the creator of the Wealth Dynamics Profiling System. He made his first million in his twenties, and was financially independent by age 30. Additionally, Roger is a co-founder and the chairman for XL Results Foundation, the largest entrepreneur network in Asia Pacific.

"XL Magazine" is the first magazine of its kind. It is published by XL Results Foundation and is dedicated to social enterprise. Roger hasn't always been rich. He's both made and lost millions.

The difference between Roger Hamilton and most other entrepreneurs is that he believes there are lessons to be learned from mistakes. He doesn't give up. He specializes in building new Asian businesses as a serial entrepreneur, and he even chose the Asian Crisis of 1997 as a time to launch his very first one. Wealth isn't everything.

You might think someone as successful as Roger Hamilton would be preoccupied by money. He's not. Passion is the motor of life. Passion, not money, is what makes people pop out of bed in the morning with enthusiasm about the day ahead. It's much easier to make money when you're doing what you love than simply working for a paycheck. Roger has a unique way of looking at the relationship between wealth and passion.

Wealth isn't defined by how much money you have. It's defined by what's left after you lose all of your money. If your passion is money, you're left with nothing. If your passion is something else, you're left with something that will allow you to build wealth again. Life is full of decisions. Roger found out how to make tough decisions while attending Cambridge University.

Although his academic major was architecture, he got great enjoyment from participating on the rowing team. His friends were also important to him. They wanted him to spend his spare time at a job so he could afford a trip to Greece with them. When faced with more than one choice that is equally important to you, Roger believes the easiest thing for you to do is to make them into one long question.

That way you can combine your answer. Think of it like multitasking or killing two birds with one stone, as the saying goes. Roger needed to fill his architecture portfolio, make money, and row at the same time. He decided to make and sell drawings of famous places like King's College Chapel.

The drawings made him money, filled his portfolio, and didn't take up much time, so he was able to participate on the rowing team. Problem solved!.

Passion and wealth sometimes are synonymous. Would you like to learn how? Roger Hamilton knows the secret. To learn how your passions sometimes help build your wealth, visit Roger Hamilton.

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